Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nest-box Update 2

Sugar gliders and squirrel gliders are frequent visitors in all types of boxes: 
A nose, an eye and a bushy tail are all that is to be seen
of a sugar glider in this box

A family of wide-awakes, possibly squirrel gliders, with a mud-wasp nest on the wall. 

 This pink and grey galah is defending the eggs she laid in an owl box

Pink and grey galah on owl box
Galah eggs in one of the new-style boxes

Some boxes are in such demand their occupancy is being contested. Owl box 12, here with the fluffy feathers and two eggs of a wood duck; eucalyptus leaves remaining from an earlier use by sugar gliders; and two eggs (rounder & white) of a boobook owl

The mother boobook stays nearby during the monitoring event.