Wednesday, February 24, 2016


It is the season for taddies as we commonly call them in Australia.

Tadpoles four days after hatching. They have already eaten
most of the azolla fern and nardoo fern. I have crushed lettuce
floating in the water
The eggs were spread over the whole surface of the water and by this I know these hatchlings are not green tree frog young for their eggs come in clutches of about 80; and I know they are not cane toad young because cane toad eggs come in vast strings of gel. These could be Striped Marsh Frog young. Time will tell. 

The bath. The taddies, spread out at their daytime work
of grazing on the sides of the bath, there is algae growing there.
Plenty of them, as you can see. 

In the following close-up shot you will see that the taddies, five days out of the egg here, are not all growing at the same rate.

The beginning of a feeding frenzy. I have just fed them with a little fish food.
I meant this for the fish that also inhabit the bath but the tadpoles
have seized on the fish flakes with great abandon. So much
for tadpoles being vegetarian.