Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Bank for Water Ferns.

A large plant pot with the hole at the bottom cemented shut, standing under the perpetual if random drip of the solar hotwater system overflow, has turned out to be the best place to propagate two mainstays of native Australian pond life. I call it my bank for Azolla and Nardoo.

Pot with Azolla and Nardoo Water Ferns

I don't have the pond situation straightened out yet, going to need a strong man to help me with that, and all my fish have died due to the heat we've been having. Even so, one of the sort of critters that caused my pond to die in the first place obviously is still doing well.

Snails ate every single green thing in the previous incarnation of a pond, barring two roots of the nardoo, and maybe three azolla leaves. I thought I'd lost both. Not many people know their wonderful qualities so normally people try to get rid of them.

Water-snail Grazing Atop Azolla Fern
Yes, I was as amazed as you are seeing what I thought was a water snail grazing on top of the azolla. Luckily this is happening in the sick, sickly-angled bath-tub pond. I can still do something about it as probably I will have to empty it to straighten it up.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Autumn is Coming

Some of the critters living in my backyard seem to be saying that autumn is on the way. Ants are hard to keep out of the house. Some times I surprise a six lane highway of ants gathering crumbs in the kitchen. There are always a few scouts.

Ants looking for a way inside

A blue tongued skink has moved in. It lay so still I suspected a cat or dog had got to it but when I turned my back it rustled through the bushes and back into the drain pipe beside the garage.

Spiders are making their move indoors, a cushy life if you can evade the broom. I haven't seen any daddy-long-legs for a couple of summers.