Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our POZIBLE Crowdfunding Project: Nestboxes for Owls

With less than $1000 to raise at this moment, and 17 hours remaining to do it in, I'm hopeful. Check out and have a look.

Though it is of course always possible to fall just before the finishing line. Keep your fingers crossed. Or pledge, if you haven't already and want to help us help owls.

Wild Barking Owl, D Pearce

It's definitely worth getting yourself onto the list of supporters. Once it becomes Brunswick Valley Landcare's Nestboxes for Owls project, there will still be updates. There'll be pics of the scenery ... we have that in spades. Pics of the nestboxes up in their trees. Internal shots showing the inhabitants.

We may have to wait a year before owls use a particular box. I heard of a box in someone's farm yard that first housed a possum brood, then a galah brood, finally a pair of barn owls. They had a great layer of duff brought in by the previous tenants.

Barn Owl at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, R Hollands

Depending on the number of nestboxes we end up with and the number of owl habitats, we may install two boxes on one tree, one above the other. Dr Brendan Taylor, nestbox monitor, said in the owl talk we had a few weeks ago,that possums will opportunistically take the lower one, leaving the upper one for birds. It's something to experiment with.

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