Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Nestboxes for Owls Project

Owl Habitat with Mt Chincogan 
I've been sending various versions of this out to friends and colleagues:

The BVL (Brunswick Valley Landcare) funding subcommittee has just been awarded the opportunity to set up a fund raising campaign through NSWLandcare and the Pozible the crowd-funding platform. (What a mouthful that is!)

We thought Nesting Boxes for Owls, of which we have four that are suitable, the Southern Boobook Owl, the Barn Owl, the Sooty Owl and the Masked Owl. This might be a subtle suitable awareness raising project with the aim of eventually sourcing funding from elsewhere to 'Defrag Owl Habitat'.  

Only don't think for a minute that we are aiming to squash all the available habitat together, as we would be doing when defragging the average PC hard drive. In this case we would be connecting bits of owl habitat by infilling the spaces between. In Landcare words, we'll be doing on-ground work to connect forest fragments. In the foothills, ranges and headwaters of our creeks. 

Owls are top-end predators, and as such are a control of the biodiversity of both plants and animals in their range by way of a cascade effect. IE the mouse eats grains and nibbles nuts, controlling their growth; and is eaten by the owl. The owl controls plant growth indirectly. 

I was wondering if you could keep your ears and eyes open for any pics and videos (however short, anything to do with owls) that can be used in the campaign. IE needs to be copyright free.