Friday, August 23, 2013

Moth and Caterpillar, Mother and Daughter?

Unidentified Moth
Photo by R de Heer
I would not be surprised if these two creatures were mother and daughter. Though I found the moth in the backyard, sheltering from the July sun on the west side of a stick of timber. The fur and the wings-out-when-at-rest are pure moth characteristics. About the size of a Yellow Migrant Butterfly.

Caterpillar of moth portrayed above?
Photo by R de Heer
The caterpillar was eating smartly through the seventeen leaves on my Koda tree seedling. Te only reason I have for suspecting them to be of one species is that they were both unusuals, never seen before, and the caterpillar had those four cream-coloured patches on its back, matching its 'possible' parent.

The search for their identities goes on.

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