Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Striped Marsh Frogs

Cleaning up in the backyard, I moved a couple of plastic crates. Disturbed a young marsh frog, one of the three species of frog frequenting my backyard. This one is about 5 cm long, or 2 inches. For comparison the curve on the right is the crate's handle.

Young Striped Marsh Frog,  photo by R de Heer
In the next photo he is about to depart. Since it was a very drying day, I wet my hands in the frog pond and carried him to the relative safety of the frog habitat.

Young Striped Marsh Frog on his way, photo by R de Heer

It was interfering in natural processes again, I know. I like to give frogs a bit of help, they have so many predators now.

Not only natural enemies such as red belly black snakes, (hopefully not one of them in my backyard!) kookaburras, currawongs, water dragons, pythons and goannas but also cats and dogs.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Moth and Caterpillar, Mother and Daughter?

Unidentified Moth
Photo by R de Heer
I would not be surprised if these two creatures were mother and daughter. Though I found the moth in the backyard, sheltering from the July sun on the west side of a stick of timber. The fur and the wings-out-when-at-rest are pure moth characteristics. About the size of a Yellow Migrant Butterfly.

Caterpillar of moth portrayed above?
Photo by R de Heer
The caterpillar was eating smartly through the seventeen leaves on my Koda tree seedling. Te only reason I have for suspecting them to be of one species is that they were both unusuals, never seen before, and the caterpillar had those four cream-coloured patches on its back, matching its 'possible' parent.

The search for their identities goes on.