Friday, December 14, 2012

Re Using

Ag Bags on Fence for Re-Use
The manager of the local high school's Agricultural Extension hangs used ag bags on the fence for anyone to take.

What we in this area call 'ag-bags' ... the bags that agricultural products such as poultry feed and fertilisers are sold in ... are beloved by Landcarers.

We drag the bags behind us while weeding, to fill with weeds such as Madeira (above, pulling down a tree) that can't be left on the ground for fear that its leaves, shoots, tubers will take root and overtake the landscape.

Got any examples of re-using you would like to share?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Human Impacts

After a year off, the seasons in the small area of the Mullum backyard have started to repeat themselves for the second time. I'm seeing the same spiders, the same assassin bugs, the same stink bugs. Well, not strictly true. I'm seeing new generations of the same species.

In the meantime, the Mullumyard has had a new garage/shed installed. The Vegetable Garden has been rehabilitated. It is being pressed into service to produce three meals a week, part of my attempt to save 1 tonne of carbon dioxide, toward my pledge for the 1 Million Women climate change organisation. 

That's the big change in me this summer - the awareness that it is no longer enough to merely appreciate what we have. We are all in charge, in the words of Paul Gilding. And so we all need to work towards the solutions. 

The effects of climate change are only one part of the danger to humanity. The loss of biodiversity, such as this amazing freshwater crayfish,

Powerful Spiny Crayfish, a type of Yabbie in Australian, photo by J Lindsay
taken in Durrumbul, in a Clear and Present Dangerthe local catchment

and us humans living beyond the means of the planet are three things I can begin to do something about, however little.

Planting trees under the auspices of our local Landcare organisation will help local biodiversity; growing my own vegetables will help sustainability, and will save CO2 from going into the air.