Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seeds and Flowers

I may  have showed you this shot a few postings ago.

It represents an upside down azolla water fern plant, with its roots in two bunches either side, lying on a carpet of the smae plants in one of my frog 'ponds' (baths).

Cradling what I now know are a clutch of azolla seeds.

The plant lying exactly like that when I came upon the scene, might be the result of frog activity, them trying that pond for size, the right conditions etc, and upending various plants in their haste to get out again.

A hundred percent cover of azolla fern, while keeping the water underneath pristine clean, does nothing to make it habitable for tadpoles and other water creatures.

Since the great seeding event a few weeks ago, the azolla in Pond Number 1 has been dying and is almost all gone.

I don't know why this isn't happening in Pond Number Two. It possibly gets less sun, though with the summer sun almost overhead that shouldn't make too much difference.

Pond Number 1 has fish, red tails, adults and young; some as yet mainly unseen tadpoles; a bunch of larva from a variety of species eg dragonflies and at least four species of plants. Pond Number 2 has three varieties of plants, with the 'wort' flowering.

Submerged aquatic plant

Photo not sharp in the right place, I know. But the  yellow pea like flowers, the submerged vegetation is thready and by now very large.

The flower is less than 1 centimetre wide. More flower stalks are starting.

New to me. Anyone with any idea as to what it might be? And where it originates?

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