Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Net-casting Spider

Net-casting Spider
In the quest for coolth in the house, we are having our hot and humid times, I've been leaving various non insect screened windows open as well as all the usual screened ones.

This morning this spider in its web on the kitchen bench. Its net at the lower middle of the frame. 

At 9 centimetres, this specimen about as long as my forefinger. The Brisbane Wildlife Guide tells me this is only half their size. That they are often the length of an adult hand. That could be 20 centimetres! (8 inches? I'm a bit rusty on Imperial measurements)

It was easy to move back outside, by catching it, not that it was going anywhere, on a magazine, net and all, and carrying it outside. It didn't move. 

Just as well. The one known bite by one of these caused severe reactions, says the book. Probably good I didn't read that before I relocated it onto the foliage of the sacred bamboo. 

According to the field guide it is the females that spin the net, at night, and that the net is a brilliant glowing blue 'which the spider swirls around passing prey with remarkable speed.' I wonder how the males get their sustenance?

Seen any of this sort, oh readers, who live in the sub- and tropics?   


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