Monday, October 10, 2011

Spider Nursery

Spiderlings in October
It's been four or five days since I noticed the crowd and there they are still in the nursery web. Still quite a lot of them. I thought they would be blown off their threads by the storm we had  the day before yesterday with tropical rain on a gusting wind.

The spiderlings sit clutched together most of the time. When I blow on them they run along the threads going every way, up down across, and spread out.

A few minutes later they are gathered together again in a dark clot in the centre of the webbing.

Last night for the first time this season I heard a green tree frog calling from its drainpipe home. Quite an unusual time, as the weather was dry without the threat of rain. Today, there's quite a drying wind. Normally green tree frogs start their calling in humid weather.

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