Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Favourite Gardening Tools

These are the gardening tools I have out most. The pink ribbon I found while out walking recently. It is by far the brightest pink I've ever seen and will do nicely to stop the little rake getting lost in and under piles of weeds.

The old baking tray I got in an op-shop a long time ago.  As you can see from its wrinkles and folds it's older than this sort of utensil is normally allowed to get.

It has been ridden over by at least two cars, and straightened out again, and still does not leak. It is usually the first thing I look for when I go out for a session.

However it is the best size for me, for collecting and carrying piles of small weeds to the compost bin. Piles of bark chips to garden beds. It is good as a two-handed scoop -- bark chips from a pile into a wheelbarrow. Good for mixing up a small amount of cement.

Mostly I weed by hand but this little rake is just the right size and strength to dig into the ground for hard-to-shift weeds such as deep-rooted lamb's tongues and dandelions. The 'rake' -- what else would you call it? --  I keep in the shed when I'm not using it.

What are your favourite gardening tools?

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