Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weeding Wild Oat Grass

Wild Oat Grass
In the past few weeks, every time I jumped outside to do something physical, in contrast to the eternal writing typing sitting at the computer I was also having to do, I weeded wild oat grass.

Here shown are the seed heads, still green, still possible to stop the seed release in its tracks, I hope.

This is September, Spring in these climes.

The oat grass is doing its northern hemisphere thing, its Autumnal seed production. This is one way to tell an exotic un-acclimatised plant, that it lives a back-to-front life.

Despite my recent discovery that hand weeding severely disrupts the lives of the fungi living in the ground, I did get great satisfaction of pulling out as many of the tussocks of oats as my eye lit on.

And still I am finding them. This job isn't done yet.

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