Sunday, September 11, 2011

Butterflies Fluttering By

Jezebel Nymph Caterpillars
Early spring is a cross over time of butterflies. The image is of winter butterfly caterpillars, the jezebel nymphs.

The jezebel nymphs are constantly busy in the canopy of the bottlebrush tree. Its few flowers and the remaining blossoms of the exotic shrubs in my neighbours' yard for their adult food.

These butterflies seem to move faster than they do due to their colouring. Their outer wing colours are red, yellow and black, while their inner wings are all white.

Link to Jezebel nymph colours. These butterflies rarely sit still long enough or close enough to the ground to be photographed by yours truly.

The quick alternation of white and coloured as they flutter and skip about, sets up a gappy flight path. I imagine this is a survival strategy that makes them difficult to pick out (by birds for example) while they are flying.

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