Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weeds Again

Most local landcarers will say that we see at least one new-to-the-area weed popping up every year.

This one is mine. Never saw it before in my life until this winter when the yard is over run with them. These two allowed to flower just to have their pic taken.

Top height of flower and seed heads is about sixty centimetres. They spray their seeds out a good distance and these are carried on the wind.

Fortunately, they're relatively easy to pull up with just a short tap root. That was a very pleasant surprise, given that they are a lush shade-lover.

Plants using a similar niche are dandelions which have a very long tap root and so can't be pulled out by hand, as well as the lambs tongues which break off.

I can imagine them being edible, they look so juicy and green.

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