Monday, August 1, 2011

The Time of Mosses Flowering

Moss Flowering
I don't know if it means it's supposed to be spring, but quite a few of the varieties of moss I see around are flowering.

This one on the ground, obviously.

I've also got them growing all over the bricks lining the beds of the vege garden, up and down the dead branches of the dying mandarin tree, and in the front yard (as shown in the photo below) where the moss competes with the grass, because it is almost completely shaded in winter.

Since I've begun to really look at lichens, I've also seen many more types of mosses. This little ground dwelling one is brown though its flowers are green. Most moss flowers I see are shades of brown to dark red on a mat of virulent green.

Just as it has been a good year for fungi and lichens, so mosses too have expanded their usual ranges. Though the scene below is a regular one each winter, when the moss follows the shade of the house over the yard. When in summer, there is no moss due to the hot January sun overhead.

Moss Competing with Grass

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