Friday, August 19, 2011

Ants Are Up

It's definitely spring now, with the ants active and native trees flowering are very close to it.

This crew of ants (none visible in the picture) are trying the patio for a change. Their new exit/entry hole is between a couple of pavers quite close to the house. I'll have to watch and see where their trails lead them to find out what sort they are.

I am hoping that they are the usual Pasture Funnel Ants that make turrets of soil in the grass and further mind their own business. They don't sting and don't tend to go into houses.

Or they could be the Black House Ant of which I have lot in various places in the house. Behind the bath. These come out and forage from a little hole in the grouting above the bath.

If I repair that hole, a couple of weeks later there will be another hole. I'm convinced grouting is a tasty treat for several insects. I know for a fact that cockroaches love grouting. Its base material is cellulose.

In the kitchen, ants will trail through the hole in the wall made for the plumbing. In the back porch, through a hole in the corner near the floor, where the walls don't quite meet. These'll tidy up the detritus left after the cat brings in a large grasshopper. Or they'll eat moths that come through the lattice

The Dome-backed Spiny Ant is shining black and despite its name does not sting or bite. The Dome-backed Spiny Ant nests in trees and shrubs where a colony will sandwich together two sturdy leaves for a home. Locally, I've seen them most often in Coolamon Trees and occasionally in the Pipterus argentus or Native Mulberry bush.

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