Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Weeding in July

This particular July the two varieties of chickweed are attempting to take over the Mullum Yard, and a lot of other places too, I'm noticing as I walk around town.
Chickweed Start-Up

The what I call 'cool climate' chickweed, starts up as shown. This plant is perhaps five or six days old.  It isn't flowering yet but has thrown out five straggling arms to get as much sun power as possible in a semi shade position.

In my experience it tends to grow at the edges of plantings, such as at the edge of a grassy area, or my bed of violets, or among bricks, or between a pole and the surrounding grass.

The last apparently not a close enough fit to keep chickweed out. I believe it's growing just beside the edge of newspaper I usually put down, to kill weeds, before the wood chips.

Chickweed Getting Away

Before you realise it, the chickweed is flowering and has taken over half the yard. It is difficult to weed because it grows sprawled over other plants and it is quite delicate. IE you can't get a good pull going.

It's more a matter of gathering up the mats of it and leaving lots of bits and pieces behind.  I don't know yet to what effect, whether the bits will grow, as in many other weeds.

Tropical Chickweed

The tropical checkweed is always around, but is fruiting prolifically and on longer than usual stems this year. And as the fruit as small and sticky, there are not many days that I don't pick up some on my socks, shoes and or pant legs and spread them around.

Due to the seeds and the fact that tropical chickweed usually grows over bare ground or grass, it is always easier to cover it with newspaper or cardboard, and a layer of mulch.

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