Monday, July 4, 2011

StinkBug Reprise

Jason wonders whether perhaps the stinkbug I discussed here, is some other insect.

Unidentified Stinkbug 
When I don't recognise something I use triangulation to make a best guess.

It is merely the process we all use to find out anything. You observe a thing and test it by running it through a couple of filters.

In this case, I watched the insect at its work. Sucking sap. It's true that I didn't show that - I've said more than once that I am still learning my camera. Usually I pick the best shot I manage.

However, the insect reminded me a lot of the bronze stinkbugs that are local pests on citrus trees. Seen below in a huddle. Not sure why they do that. It's different from the pair-mating behaviour.

Bronc=ze Stinkbugs in Huddle
Both these insects have the diamond shaped glittering bronze area on their lower backs. In the new specimen that looks remarkably, at a glance, like the drop of water that often hangs from its host tree's leaves. And notice that its colour is exactly that of the host tree's leaves.

Both these insects have that stinkbug shape, feelers, six legs, smooth back.

The Brisbane Wildlife Guide describes seven stinkbugs but not the one in question.

Brisbane Insects Site has dozens of stinkbugs, of many wonderful colours and patterns. Check it out. It's well worth it.

Though I haven't found mine there yet, there are enough other stinkbugs pictured there with one or other similarity to the bug I found, that I am convinced.

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