Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mystery Insect

This extremely large mosquito-like creature hid itself in a cardboard gutter left over from the installation of my solar panels.

At 2 inches or 5 cm in total length, it flew away with legs dangling like something out of a horror movie.

It isn't featured in my trusty book, Wildlife of Greater Brisbane. At least, I can see nothing like it.

Checking out mosquitoes though, I can't say it really looks like them having no pointy bit at the front (probiscus) to suck up blood.

Next I checked the wasps, because of the pointy bit at the back, which I presume is an egg laying device (ovipositor) and because of the wasp-like stripes.

With the length of those legs it probably is not a damsel fly and with only one set of wings it cannot be a dragon fly. Does anyone have any ideas?

Though who has ever seen a wasp looking like this?


  1. I think it's a crane fly

    1. I checked and I think you're right. Thank you for your interest.