Thursday, July 7, 2011

Irony in the Mullum Yard

It is ironic that these leaves and branches, that were a plant that added very little to the life cycles of the yard, should now host in amongst their litter a number of groups of fruiting bodies of a macro (meaning they can be seen without the help of  microscope) fungus I haven't seen before.

When first seen they were little funnels, dark grey with black gills. And appear to be grow in the ground, on clay, not on a substrata of wood.

The next day I found another couple of clumps and them becoming paler. The hole in the middle closed. The largest of the caps is about 10 mm in diameter and their height is between 20 and 30 mm.

Although it is July and one of the coldest months in the year, I am still finding fungi such as these quite delicate ones, as well as the less ephemeral sorts that last for a year or longer.

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