Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freshwater Snails

Water Snail Sliding Along Upside Down
Freshwater snails normally move around in the water either on, through and around the plants, as well as up and down the bath tub sides.

But on sunny days they sometimes cross open water. I don't know why I only see them do it on sunny days, I often stop and stare. Temperature of the water?

I know the critters in these photos look rather blobby. But I assure you each one is a water snail not swimming, but sliding, upside down along the bottom of the water meniscus.

It's an amazing sight and well worth taking the time to stare and stare into the water to see it in action.
Watersnail Grazing on Azolla Fern

I was lucky a couple of days ago seeing both these enjoying the slightly warmer layer of water at the top and both of them grazing their way to the edge of the azolla fields, then having to cross some open water to the next field.

The top critter is waving its eye stalks to the left. Its shell can just be seen rimming its "foot" at the right.

The spotted animal has just arrived somewhere and is flattening against a water lily stalk, before attempting to slide over, or rather under, it.

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