Sunday, July 17, 2011

Feeding the Fish

You may recall my experience in the second bath-pond with the monoculture of the azolla fern and the death of all the fish in that bath.

Since then I regularly push aside the vegetation in the main pond to keep a couple of holes, ponds within ponds for the fish. In the photo to the left are two blobs to represent two Red Tails. In the shot below are another two, one a Pacific Blue Eye, in the lower right hand corner.

I feed them irregularly about once a week, with a sprinkle of aquarium fish food. It's my ploy to see them. To find out how many survive. This week I think I saw four out of the six possibles.

Only one of the two Pacific Blue Eyes and three of the Red Tails. One worrying thing is that the smallest of the Red Tails is carrying at least three parasites, a little like miniscule remoras, suckered to its back and sides. Flashes of white where there shouldn't be any.

I haven't seen that froglet since I moved it in.

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