Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cat-proof Enclosure

This weekend a large-ish blue tongue lizard slithered from one clump of vegetation to the one at the back of the yard, the resident cat's favourite hide out.

Since the cat was lying by my feet and saw my sudden interest in the back yard, she was over there in three seconds.

I got the hose out and the tap on. She sprang back past me and under the house. I marshalled my materials and started to build the cat-proof enclosure I'd been thinking I would need one day.

Of course I was not properly ready and had to use the step ladder as a post. It was very wonky job. The resident cat waited and waited for me to lose interest in her movements. I tricked her, of course.

Eventually, she came out to investigate and lay by the new fence for a while. In the place I presumed adjacent to where the blue tongue hid. when the cat thought I wasn't looking she jumped up onto the fence and prepared to walk over the top to the new enclosure.

I yelled at her and turned the tap on. (The hose is connected to the tap even now.) I was able to catch her that time and shut her into the house.

The following day, Sunday, I purchased a roll wire to fasten to the top of the fence, pictured here.

Today, Monday, the cat has had a go at climbing the new style fence but lost her grip before she got to the top.

The front fence will have to be regularised, but that has to wait until my hand recovers from the hammering.

Is the cat's nose out of joint?

You bet.

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  1. I see from my stats page that this page is getting quite a lot of interest in my supposedly cat-proof enclosure. Both the neighbourhood cats and my own easily overcame the wire on the top of the paling fence.

    And my cat ran up the fence to sidestep and jump over the exclusively wire fencing. Anyone with any better ideas?