Monday, June 27, 2011

Weeds x and n


Last week I busied myself with weeds. Plants growing in the wrong place. I have a high tolerance for oxalis, and have numbers of clumps through the yard.

It's very pretty against a house stump, for instance, or amongst a clump of violets.

But it was getting a bit ridiculous with the number of clumps in my vege garden, at last count about a dozen.

Onionweed I've never had any patience with. Because it is so similar to garlic chives, it's easy to confuse them. But I never had any success weeding, as in pulling out, either of them.  And you can see why.

Above the thick white roots of the oxalis are a bunch of about forty small bulbs, which fall off when stems are pulled out of the ground. So, the weeder unknowingly starts another clutch every time she/he pulls out stems.

The onionweed works on the same principle except that the little bulbs grow from the bottom of the bigger central bulb. And so that when the central plant is pulled out, any number of little bulbs are left in the ground to start again.

The oxalis is easier to dig out and take up in one piece than the onionweed which loses bulblets as soon as you touch it. In both species, the bulblets are very hard and I'm wondering how they'll rot down. At the moment I've got them all in a bucket of water for rotting.

Time will tell if I made a clean sweep.

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