Monday, June 13, 2011

Still the Ailing Tree Habitat

Unidentified Bug
This is another of the diverse inhabitants on the mandarin stump. Its feelers are too long for a jewel beetle. It has two quite high nubs high up on its carapace. My field guide doesn't give me a clue. I don't even know its family to be able to google it.

If there's any one out there who had come across these little beasties ... and they are little, 15 mm, that's half an inch approx ... drop me a comment?

It must be the season for them because this one was one of four on the same trunk.

Another extremely interesting insect, a kind of wasp I think, turned up the day after I first saw this one.

The only photo I could get is very blurry but I assure you it's the operator's climb up the learning curve trying to catch a moving target.

I thought first that I was watching a large mosquito feeding. Male mosquitoes are sap suckers. And I had an entry for that in the Brisbane Wildlife Guide

Then I noticed that the insect had a couple of white tipped, flexible feelers with which it was feeling all over the bark surface for holes or depressions.

Whenever it found a suitable one, it curled its ovipositor under and forward and (presumably) inserted an egg in the depression.

Seeing a slight resemblance to the orchid dupe wasp, I wonder now whether this one wasn't feeling for caterpillars under the bark, and filling them with her own eggs. And so it was, when I looked it up and followed the links to this one ... a shot from the site, these wasps
parasitise moth eggs.
wpe1.jpg (47673 bytes)
The Banded Feeler Parasite Wasp

And there was me thinking the weather was too cold for much activity!

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