Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Froglet Transfer

Stunned and Stiff from Cold
A few days ago I had another go at perverting the natural course of life.

Checking the tubs for anything new to see and talk about, I found a/the froglet lying more than half-dead, it looked like, on top of the vegetation in the second tub, trying to get warm in the fitful sun.

One of the coldest days so far with not much sun happening at all. The second tub is of cast-iron enameled white. The water in it gets pretty cold at the beginning of winter and stays that way until spring.

The other tub is made of fibreglass, I presume, and stays warmer. I had no difficulty taking a couple of handfuls of water and weeds around the little creature and depositing her on the weeds in Tub 1. Where she lay for a few minutes, then scrambled into the water below.

Into the Warmer Tub
As you can see, she is pretty skinny with a couple of ribs showing under her skin and she still has her tail.

I haven't seen her since, but have noticed that a couple of holes are forming in the unrelieved surface of weeds.

Like the breathing holes in sea ice formed by air breathers such as seals and whales. Because a froglet that size is probably at least partially an air breather.

She is already bigger than her sibling-froglets when they left the water for good at the end of January. We'll see what happens.

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