Saturday, May 21, 2011

Web Trail? and Butterfly Chrysalis

Web Trail over Woodchips
This beaded sticky thread was the mystery facing me this morning. It extended back and forth over the woodchip strata three times for about a metre, in a large zig zag.

I am guessing when I'm calling it a web trail. It wasn't a snail trail, and definitely had a web feel to it.

The beads might have been rain or dew, or they might have been sticky though they didn't feel sticky to me.

I think it is a spider's web. Anyone got any other explanations? Seen anything similar?

The other exciting thing that's been going on is the Large Grass-yellow Butterfly caterpillars spinning themselves into chrysalis, on the denuded Breynia bush, as below.

Large Grass-yellow Chrysalis

Although this shot is blurred, it's the best I've got at the moment.

This chrysalis appears to contain a female butterfly-to-be. Several males butterflies are often to be found nearby, and sometimes rest on the chrysalis, as if waiting for the female to hatch.

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