Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Favourite Spider

Two-spined Spider
I have been watching this two-spined spider for about four months now, checking it every day.

It is not particularly big. It's body is probably about the size of the top of my little finger.

Here it has just got a moth and is beginning to feed. Moisture on the leaves tell of another wet day.

I'm amazed that it is still in residence, still under the same three leaves, on the same small tree.

The Wildlife of Greater Brisbane tells me it is most common in summer. So it will be interesting to see how long the spider will last. Since we're getting temperatures down in the single digits now.

Apparently it occurs throughout Australia. So if you live on this old rock, keep a look out for it. The spider is very distinctive with its two white spines, like eyes, and wide smiling 'mouth' along the front edge of its stomach.

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