Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fungi in Winter

Winter has set in with a vengeance. With rain on a cold wind. Winter does often finally start that way, after a thunderstorm, which we have been having in the last week or so. What's unusual about this year's weather is that it came so late. Here we are in May already.

Hard Fungus on Stump
Orange Fungus on Dead Tree

As I had expected, the cold definitely affects the type and number of fungi fruiting bodies to be observed. Hardy 'shelf' fungi such as these are fine. Neither are named, as you can see, I'm still a complete beginner at matching what I see, to the names in books.

I thought the orange one might be a curry punk (Piptoporus australiensis) but it is now turning white on top so I may have to research it some more.

They may go dormant, I haven't had the chance to see that yet, but I will try to record that, by way of regular photo shoots.

I haven't seen any of the varieties of ink caps for more than a week and the Stropharians and Lysurus fruiting bodies tend to be much smaller than the warm weather efforts.
F33, Troop among the Chickweed
Of the more ephemeral sorts there are only a few little brown agarics hiding in the chickweed. As you can see from the caption, I started to number my finds. I had to. When i first became obsessed, I was finding new (to me) examples every day. Now that's down to a new one every couple of days and I have extended my fungi finds to my walks in the district. I've got approximately 70! types in my photo collection.

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