Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cat Curfew Needed

Baby Carpet Python
This is what I found one morning recently on my grassed area. It's too bad that when I keep my own cat inside at night, other people's cats hunt in my yard.

Though, since it happened during the night, I'm not absolutely sure it was caught in my garden. Perhaps the predator brought it in from somewhere else.

My desire for a cat curfew stands.
I've been brainstorming what to do about it and getting some snarky ideas. Put an electric current right around my yard, hire a trap from the Council and inject incomers with a gadget that will shock them when they come near my wire? I'm told this works with dogs who wear the gadget in their collars. OK, I realise this is the stuff of science fiction. I just wish that more cats were kept inside, or caged, at night.

The poor disarticulated carcass is lying on 1 cm graph paper, and so you can see that its full length might have been between 30 and 40 cm. Probably about six months old when it met its grisly fate.

I suspect a large kookaburra could easily eat a snake this size. But at least it would eat the whole animal. I don't think either a currawong (crow-like bird) or pacific bazza (raptor) or owl would tackle a snake. I certainly don't know of any animal other than a cat that would've torn it apart like that.

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