Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bee-eating Assassin Bug

Assassin Bug
This red and green assassin bug seems very comfortable on my rust-red and green-painted letterbox. Probably thinking it is camouflaged.

Right colours but wrong object. Like all other bugs it is a sap sucking insect, though this sort sucks the sap right out of any bee it can fly down.

I don't mind too much if he goes for the European honey bees, of which there are plenty around here. I don't think there are so many assassin bugs around a bee keeper needs to worry about them.

But I will mind, but that's nature for you, you can't stop the roundabout, if the bug goes for the native solitary blue-banded bees that so industriously pollinate my cherry tomatoes. They are the reason I have cherry tomatoes all the year round.

Here an Interesting article on blue-banded-bees, with a mug shot, explaining the reason why blue-banded-bees are so good with tomatoes. They are even being bred to pollinate tomatoes in glass houses.

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