Friday, April 29, 2011

Thunder, Lightning and Big Rain, Again

Two Mosses and Epiphytic Fern
That's what we're having again. Inches of rain. Electrical storms, very unusual for April. My computer off a lot of the time and me writing by hand.

Though I did manage to weed in the garden today. Easy to pull out. But sloppy underfoot, you wouldn't believe. I was only explaining the other day how it feels to live on a flood plain. Gum boots on every time you step out of the door.

Of course when it does rain I am immediately conscious of the beauty of the mandarin tree. I don't think I've shown you this shot yet? The moss is particularly green when it is sodden. Here, two sorts, maybe even three. A bit of grey lichen at the top right.

That yellowish patch to the lower right looks like a cross between moss and lichen. The leaves belong to the fern. Very non-fern looking, I know.

I think now that the combination of the extremely wet weather for the last couple of years and the swimming pool built in the next yard during the dry, is preventing the water in the ground from draining away to the river and the tree probably began to rot from the roots up.

It is the lowest area of the yard and water is now ponding there, having had about a hundred mm of rain in the last few days and the air not being warm enough to evaporate.  I shall have to move a recently planted Blue Tongue, a native tibuchina, as it is stressing with its feet in the water. Though where is there space where it is also drier?

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