Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Stink Bug

The little tree below is the host to the amazing, new to me, stink bug pictured in the shot to the left.

I first saw it only because it moved. It's perfectly camouflaged being the same shape and colour as the bottom half of a leaf with a shining bronze tail section that looks just like the drop of water that hangs from a leaf when it rains or after heavy dew.

I don't know its name and it does not feature in the Wildlife of Greater Brisbane. It might be specific to the type of tree. I've often read that every tree in the forest has its specific insects that live only on their own species of tree.

For instance there is the hoop pine beetle that only lives on the hoop pine. The bronze stink bug, featured elsewhere on this blog was specific to the native finger lime but is now naturalised to introduced citrus and has become a great pest.

Which in a way is a small irony, considering we've introduced so many exotic species that have become pests in the wild.


  1. I agree also with its nice camouflaged, it that a stink bugs? or something else.

  2. Thanks for your query. I thought it was a stinkbug because of its resemblance to the bronze stinkbug, similar body structure and that diamond shaped area on its back.

    But a brief search hasn't thrown up any picture or description of that particular one. You've got me wondering now. I'll research it some more and do another post when I come to a conclusion.