Sunday, April 10, 2011

Micro Climates = Micro Habitats

Walking around in the early morning, on bare feet because the grass is wet either with dew or rain and I don't want to get my shoes wet, I realised the west side of the house is usually the coolest place in the yard, at least at ground level. I imagine because the cool night air blowing from under the house and across the moist ground. Any fungi I see there are always small.

And then, in the last week or so, there have been many sightings of all sorts of small and delicate fungi in the very back of the yard, near to the fence, where before I only ever found Lysurus mokusin, a variety of stinkhorns, there. Large strong fungi. (And no photo of that anywhere that I can find, I'll redress that in the morning.)

The most recent fungi have been smaller and weaker, more easily affected by heat and direct sunshine. Of which, I realised, there is not much now that the shadow of the back fence reaches further into the yard - due to the sun being lower in the sky.

Troop of delicate fungi on stump

Which is like a new habitat forming, just for the cooler part of the year. Makes me think that all habitats are probably changing all the time. Certainly all the ones affected by rain. The path along the west side of the house is often sodden for a few days. 

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