Monday, April 4, 2011

April Does What She Wills

Storm Lily
The above is a translation of part of a Dutch rhyme about the months of the year. A way for kids to learn them. "April doet what hij wilt."

While it refers to April's changeability in the western European spring, it is equally applicable to the eastern Australian autumn.

April is doing what she wills where the weather is concerned. It's cooler but still raining. But it means we get such pretty and cheerful flowers such as the storm lily sprouting.

I'll admit I have no idea whether they are native or introduced. If I had to guess, it would be introduced, since they usually come up in exotic pastures and grasslands.

They stand about 30 cm high, nodding in the wind and they do come up after rain, and in autumn through to winter. I've never seen them in the heat of summer, in the rains then.

Since they are so ephemeral, not to be seen at any other time, I let them be and enjoy them. They're a bright thing in dull autumn weather.

Have any of you seen it around? Or have something growing that is similarly cheering?

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