Sunday, March 13, 2011


One of my Favourite Weeds
Northern NSW has many weeds, plants growing in wrong places. Nearly all plants do well in this climate, lots of rain and lots of sunshine. Many non native plants outperform native plants due to the kindness of the climate and their not being part of the local food webs.

This is one of the weeds I love to hate. It's lush and green,  and is never nibbled by insects. It grows mainly in the shade. It's common in the district as many people have it as ground cover. I'm always trying to get rid of it and now have only a couple of square metres where it still keeps re growing.

It is at least partially succulent and covers a lot of ground if left for a couple of months and will shade out anything in its path. Though every scrap of stem bearing a node will grow when left in contact with the ground, it is easy to pull up in wet weather when the roots easily come out of the ground.

Composting in a plastic bag works for this one. Just pull gently on a plant and you'll get a good length of the ground-crawling stem along with it. Put it all in a large plastic bag to sweat it down.  Six month later or there abouts, you can dump it in the compost and it probably won't re grow.

The (greyish) flower stalks I pick very carefully, to not shake too much and spread the seeds, and dispose of in a purpose-kept plastic bag for throw away bits too dangerous to try and compost.

What's the weed you most love to hate?

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