Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March is the Month of Macro Fungi

Troop of 'Gold Caps'
March 2011 has been amazing for macro fungi.  Though I don't know any names or even any species names, being a mere beginner in the field, I have identified at least twelve different macro fungi in the yard.

I number them and take photos exhaustively. Top views, side views, with a ruler in the pic, or a coin. I'm even trying for spore prints. It's fun, though the weather here has been so humid a couple of the fungi melted into black blobs before any spores could escape them.

Usually I'm out of the house as soon as I get up, bare feet in the wet grass, to look for any new ones. Seeing ones I've seen before is also good. As it j=helps me learn what i have in my little (digital) collection. But I will need to make up a sort of ID chart soon, to carry about with me, for now I'm starting to forget them. Is this single one the same as the troop I shot on the way home from my daily constitutional?
'That' fringed pair

 'Troop" is the regular word for a bunch. There's a troop above and a pair to the right. The bunch above is growing on camphor laurel chips. The ones to the right are growing out of bottlebrush litter.

There's more to learn. On and on. One good thing, in contrast to insects, butterflies and the like, fungi patiently stand still while being photographed!

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