Thursday, March 3, 2011

Azola Water Fern is Dying

Azola Water Fern is Dying
This is the situation in both the baths/water features.
The azola is turning to sludge. 

Guessing, I came up with a number of possibilities without having any idea whether I'm even guessing in the right direction. 

The as yet unidentified thready weed just visible underneath is preventing the azola from sucking up enough sustenance from the water by way of its roots.

It's a seasonal thing. We're getting towards the end of summer here. 

There hasn't been enough sun. (Rain again) Yet last December, when we had 500+ mm of rain, and hardly any sun at all, the azola was fine.

Too much sun. we've had a couple of days of 35 degrees plus. Maybe the azola can't cope with heat and it cooked. It is a fern after all.

There are too many tadpoles in residence. Tadpoles graze on the roots of the azola. 

Can anyone enlighten us on this?

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