Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweating Weeds to Death

Canna lilies trying for a come-back
I have been trying to get rid of a bunch of canna lilies for a number of years. I'd weed them and they'd grow back. These are not the dark red leaf variety with the beautiful orange flowers, but a weedy sort with tiny red flowers.

They're right beside the easterly fence and shaded in winter by the garage as well. But I have the place picked for my cassias, the seedlings I've been showing you.

It's also where the introduced cassias liked to grow, that's how I figured out it must be a good place for cassias. I admit it's the kind of assumption I often make, with no more than observation to back it up.

I've tried pulling up individual plants but this is possible only when the ground is very soft and then only with recently sprouted seeds. Thousands more sprouted.

I've tried poisoning with a herbicide dropped into the centre of each larger plant with an eye dropper.
Canna Regrowth Being Sweated
The plants so treated took absolutely no notice. Grew on regardless.

Digging out the old tubers would have left too many bits. I've had that experience with trying to get rid of excess turmeric.

The black plastic cure was something tried out at a Landcare site I once visited. The bits lying on it are plants I weeded from the edges.

It's been on there a week and we've had some steaming hot days. But I want to make sure the tubers melt. And all the seeds sprout and die.

I'll let you know what happens.

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