Wednesday, February 9, 2011

St Andrews Cross Spider

St Andrews Cross Spider
This exquisite spider is a common variety in my garden, this particular one has made its web mid height in the lilly pilly tree. The body is about a centimetre long, so it is not yet very big. Nor has it yet developed the distinctive "St Andrews" stripes in its web.

The Wildlife of Greater Brisbane, the field guide I use to find out about local animal species, doesn't know why these spiders make these stripes.

I wonder whether it is not a way to seem bigger. Normally the spider sits on its web with the arms of the cross extending its paired legs.  Nor does this one have a very tidy web.

Friarbirds are a common predator, says the book, and since I do see these occasionally I suspect them the reason for the here today gone tomorrow flavour of St Andrews Cross spiders.

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