Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Old" Tadpoles

Advanced Tadpoles
There are a good crowd of large tadpoles in the wetland habitat. Probably a dozen of them that I suspect should by now have had their legs and be practicing jumping around. To my mind the last spawning event was weeks ago.

It was January 10th as a matter of fact. Exactly five weeks ago.

But I have noticed in previous years, that if the conditions aren't exactly right -- whatever they are supposed to be -- the tadpoles seem to stop growing. The twelve or so remaining in the bath seem perfectly happy well, of course, they don't know any different.

I can't imagine that it is because the water is too cold, a problem in a previous year. If anything, the water has been warmer than usual. I've had the filter/fountain pump going for days while it was hot
(40 degrees +) to try and cool the water by moving it and by contact with the air, sort of on the same premise as sweating.

It seemed to help but wasn't enough. Next I rigged up some old shade cloth over the ponds. Had them on there for three or four days until the weather changed.

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