Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Moth Eggs on Stalks

Once you've seen one of these clutches of moth eggs, they become visible in many places. This one on the underneath of a window sill, therefore difficult to include something to compare them too, to get an idea of size.

Imagine them about the size of long sewing pins. I have no idea whether the hatching creature will eat the stalk, or just climb down, or in this case up it, or use it as a jumping off point.

Wildlife of Greater Brisbane, the field guide I use, tells me that while it is known that several thousands of moths make their homes in this area, hardly anything is known about them.
Moth Eggs on Stalks
Yes! I managed to add another field guide to the Print Resources page. The design is not ideal, but hey, at least the image stayed where it was supposed to. 

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