Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cassia Seedlings

Cassia seedlings in pots

Cassia seedlings in Situ
A while ago I described the way to treat cassia seeds to get them to sprout. The coffee mug and boiling water way.

These are my results so far. Each pot had in it two seeds. As you can see, that's a fifty percent strike rate.

(The little thing in the top left hand corner is a weed.)

The fifty percent strike rate held true in the in-situ experiment, as you can see.

This little experience is another example of what some people would call nature's wastefulness, producing a hundred seeds and having just thirteen sprout.

However you may recall that I didn't give all the seeds the chance to sprout. I choose the biggest after they'd been soaked.

And, anyway, in nature, every single seed is used when not to grow up and become a shrub, then to feed the myriads of small lives that live in its
local food web.

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