Thursday, January 27, 2011

Starting Native Senna Seeds

Native Senna
Since I've rooted out the non native sennas I've noticed a definite decrease in visiting yellow, and white migrant butterflies. (Two different species)

Hence I've been waiting impatiently for the one native senna I have growing to start producing seed pods.

You'll notice a couple of pods in the lower lefthand of the pic. They're flat where the non native version has  rounded pods.

I've got twenty or thirty seeds soaking in a coffee mug, in what was boiling water to resemble a bushfire passing over. Which I hope will give me three or four viable seeds.

There are so many roots at the base of the tung nut tree stump that to plant any seedlings there will be well nigh impossible for a couple of years. But I don't want to wait that long starting something as the weeds certainly won't. I thought, if I do it with seeds, they'll find their own ways for their roots.

And as I said above, the yellow migrants need more nectar and more places to lay their eggs. The east side of the house was always the non native senna haven, that I'm going to try to turn into native senna haven.

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