Monday, January 31, 2011

Planting Soaked Cassia Seeds

As you can see comparing the previous post with today's, I am a mite confused as to the name of the species I'm working with. I'll have to leave it as Senna the previous post and Cassia this one. One of them will be correct. The field guides aren't able to tell me so I'll take the problem to the experts.

Cassia Seeds and Pods

Here the results of my soaking experiment. Many Australian plants have very hard seeds that need either a bushfire to pass over them before they'll germinate, or they need some kind of hands-on treatment to help the new plant force its way through the seed covering.

A sample of pods and their seeds straight from the shrub, to the left.

All the seeds to the right, top and bottom, had boiling water poured over them, in a coffee mug, and were soaked in that water for 24 hours.

The seeds at the top right are markedly bigger than those clumped at the bottom of the photo. The bigger ones were the ones I planted. Four of them in the place where I'd like them to grow, and the rest in pairs in seedling pots.

We shall see what we shall see.

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