Friday, January 7, 2011

I Lost My Tung Nut Tree

Orchard Swallowtail Chrysalis

Finally I found one of these, after following the birth and growth of at least a dozen caterpillars. The rain and/or birds have taken out numerous individuals. Adding to which is the difficulty even spotting the chrysalises.

Standing around studying this or that bush is no option when the rain is pouring down and in the three almost dry days, 2nd - 4th January, so much had to be achieved I didn't have time. Washing, for one. 

One huge change in the yard is that my beloved tung nut tree beside the house, deciduous, therefore sun in winter, shade in summer, started to rot. Leaves hung drooping then turned brown. White ants had got into it. The continuous rain since early December only finished the job. A window with a chain saw presented itself, and no more tree. 

Though these are not long lived trees, I hadn't expected it to go yet and I'll miss its blossoms in spring, its shade in summer, the sun through its bare branches in winter, the brown leaves in autumn, good for composting. The sky is very big now through the living room window. 

Tung Nut tree in Spring

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