Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mystery Grass Eating Caterpillar

Mystery Caterpillar
Today I discovered that the reason I have hardly any grass remaining -- not having to mow it is okay -- is not particularly that the grass stood with its toes in the water for a couple of weeks, but that this caterpillar and its brothers and sisters and cousins have been eating it.

Here seen chomping into the nardoo, water fern, in one of the bathtubs. Lately seen on grass stems, gathered under and in any dark place such as plant pots and mulch bags. 

They are all more or less this pattern but with variations of colour. I have heard of "army worms" eating grass but have never actually seen those. These look similar in anatomy to "cut worms" though the "cut worms" I've seen were greyish. Nothing worm -like about them, of course. 

Does anybody know what these are?

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