Friday, January 21, 2011

Maidenhair Ferns

The climate here, and certain areas in my yard are very amenable to ferns in general and I have up to half a dozen or so different species growing. I'm a bit confused with some whether they are ferns, hence my hesitance.

The west side of my house, between it and the six foot paling fence, is a moist shady territory that seems to resemble conditions on the ground in a rainforest. After rain the path, the mowed bit in the middle, is soggy for a long time.  A number of four metre plus trees grow along the neighbours' side of the fence. Maidenhair ferns love it there.

The bed of maidenhair fern (below) began with a few scraggly fronds buried in what was at that time an overgrowth of paspalum. No broadleaf back in those days. This luscious patch is about ten or twelve years old.

At the moment there's a bit of basket grass trying to colonise it but fortunately, basket grass is easy to pull up.

Maidenhair Fern

Rough Maidenhair

Rough maidenhair grows in clumps near all the house stumps and drain pipes on the west, and this year also along the southern, front of the house. 

New growth is pink and each clump continues to put out new shoots even in summer. Again there's a bit of basket grass having a go, it is nearly weeding time.

This fern was here when I moved in, twenty three years ago, and comes in wet years, extending to a fringe between the stumps and dies back to the individual clumps during droughts conditions. 

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