Saturday, January 8, 2011

Green Tree Frogs

Green Tree Froglet
Though this particular baby is from last summer, going on the competition of who can make the loudest noise, I had thought there would be many more tadpoles being made.

Not so, though there are these incredibly loud and ongoing concerts of male green tree frogs defending their territories, there have been no spawning events. Many recent  nights, even during rain, half a dozen  of the frogs filled the yard with their urgency.

With nothing to show for it next morning. I wonder if there are any females around. Each of the frogs sits in a drainpipe which expands the noise considerably. Last night the concert was still full throated at eleven p/m with just the one reedy little cane toad call weaving through.

Today, in between showers of you guessed  it, more rain, I started weeding the eastern strip along the fence, pulling out canna lilies and a lusciously green sprawling creeper. This is an area that gets a lot of shade and is very wet so I am aiming to replant it with something thirsty, native, and blossom bearing. A tall order.

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